Sentinel Safety and Rescue provides services for a number of different sporting event types. If you're event makes the particepents sweat, the Sentinel crew can help keep them safe. 



The team at Sentinel are well equipped with kayaks, jet skis along with trained medical rescue personnel to handle any possible water rescue situation. Every second counts in the water, so the team at Sentinel knows the best placement of resources to manage the safety of any course. Regardless of the event distances, from a full Ironman to a local sprint distance tri, Sentinel has the resources to properly secure a course of any size. All USAT guidelines are followed by safety crews. 

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Adventure Racing

Sentinel Safety and Rescue is all about safe adventures. With ATVs and mobile safety equipment, our teams are able to respond to emergency situations in very remote locations. The quick and safe transport of injured participants from isolated and remote areas is a specialty Sentinel focuses on. 

  • Event Safety Consulting

  • Certified safety personnel

  • Emergency response

  • First Aid



Trail Running

Trail running events pose especially difficult challenges for safety, rescue and response times.  Sentinel Safety and Rescue is equipped with the gear and resources to secure any geographical landscape. Getting to a remote location with emergency equipment is difficult enough, but extracting patients shouldn't be a part of the challenge.   


Martial Arts Competitions

Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, mixed martial arts competitions all have their own set of safety concerns. The Sentinel crew is prepared to stabilize and effectively treat issues that arise from combative tournaments.  Broken bones and hyperextensions can have a greater long term health impact if not treated correctly at initial injury. In cases of head trauma or spine injury, a trained medical professional can make important decisions that save or secure a participant.  

  • Response Coordination

  • Strategic Planning

  • Water Rescue

  • Extraction



Road rash and broken clavicles are the most common forms of injury in cycling events. Whether it's a huge charity ride or a local bike race, an organizer can expect the experience of Sentinel to provide a quick and effective medical response to any situation. Every event and course requires its own strategy to provide timely response to crashes and the resulting injuries. Sentinel is staffed by emergency medical personnel, with the experience to provide the best assessment and collaboration with local public ambulance services. 



Endurance events in general are difficult on the cardiovascular system. Sentinel understands the need to have personnel staged strategically around a running event to be able to quickly stabilize and treat any emergency medical situation.  The crew comes complete with splinting gear and ice packs.